Fiber Optic Adapter Panel

adapter panelFiber optic adapter panel is a panel used for patching fiber cable to the termination enclosure, such as wall mount cabinet, rack mount cabinets or rack mount fiber optic patch panels. Due to its convenient design, it can easily and quickly snap into the front of fiber optic patch panels or enclosures. It is a great option for easy network deployment or moves, adds and changes.

It’s mostly suitable for installing in rack and wall mount enclosures and fiber optic patch panels. In addition, it leaves some further application spaces for the customer. For example, multimedia modular panels allow customization for installation requiring integration of fiber optic and copper cables. Blank fiber adapter panels reserve panel space for future use.

FiberMania provides lots of adapter panels with customizable options available to fit whatever application you require. And all of our adapter panels are LGX designed, and it’s perfectly matched with our fiber optic patch panel and many famous branded patch panel or enclosure out there in the market.