10Gbps SFP+ Transceiver, Multimode 220M, 1310nm, 0ºC ~ +70ºC

Item #: SFP+-LRM-0.22KM

Minimum Order Q’ty: 1 Piece

Price Term: FOB Shenzhen, China

Packaging: Neutral or OEM service optional

Lead Time: 3 days

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Certification: ISO9001, TUV, CE, FCC, CAS, UL and RoHS

This SFP+ module is for transmission at 1310nm over legacy multimode fiber. Supporting 10GBASE-LRM ethernet standard make it ideally suited for 10G datacom. Its very low power consumption and its excellent EMI performance allow system design with high port density. The small form factor integrates a 1310nm Fabry-Perot (FP) laser in an LC package and a linear multimode PIN receiver. Module is lead free, RoHS compliant and is designed and tested in accordance with industry safety standards.

This transceiver is a linear-interface transceiver that enables, in conjunction with an Electronic Dispersion Compensation (EDC) on the host board, an IEEE802.3aq 10GBASE-LRM compliant link. The host board EDC provides correction for the severe modal dispersion that may occur during propagation through multimode fiber links, including legacy installed FDDI multimode fiber (see IEEE802.3aq for detailed information regarding fiber coverage).


  • Supports 9.95 to 10.3Gbps bit rates
  • Transmission distance up to 220m (OM1 fiber)
  • Hot Pluggable SFP+ footprint
  • 1310nm FP transmitter, PIN photo-detector
  • Digital Status monitoring Interface
  • Duplex LC connector
  • RoHS compliant and Lead Free
  • Metal enclosure for lower EMI
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Power dissipation < 1W
  • Operating case temperature: 0 to 70℃
  • Compliant with FC-PI-4 800-Mx-SN-I, SFF-8431 , SFF-8432 and SFF-8472


  • 10GBASE-LRM 10G Ethernet
  • Legacy FDDI multimode links

General Specifications

Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max Unit Notes
Bit Rate BR 10.3125 Gb/sec 1
Bit Error Ratio BER 10-12 2
Maximum Supported Distances
Fiber Type 1310nm OFL Bandwidth
62.5μm “FDDI” 160MHz/km Lmax 220 m 3
OM1200MHz/km 220
50μm 400MHz/km Lmax 100 m 3
OM2 500MHz/km 220
OM3 2000MHz/km 220



2. Tested with a 231 – 1 PRBS

3. Operating range as defined by IEEE standards. Longer reach possible depending upon link implementation.


Optical characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min. Typical Max Unit Notes
Center Wavelength λt 1260 1355 nm
RMS spectral width λrms @1260nm 2.4 nm 2
λrms @ 1260nm-1300 2.4
λrms @1300nm-1355 4
Average Optical Power Pavg -6.5 0.5 dBm 1
Extinction Ratio ER 3.5 dB
Optical Modulation Amplitude (OMA) POMA -4.5 +1.5 dBm
Peak Launch Power PMAX 3 dBm
Transmitter Waveform Dispersion Penalty TWDP 4.7 dB 3
Average Launch power of OFF transmitter POFF -30 dBm
Uncorrelated Jitter [rms] Txj 0.033 UI
Encircled Flux <5μm 30 %
<11μm 81
Transmitter Reflectance -12 dB
Optical Return Loss Tolerance 20 dB
Relative Intensity Noise Rin -128 dB/Hz
Comprehensive Stressed Receiver Sensitivity (OMA) @ 10.3125Gb/s Precursor -6.5 dBm 5
Symmetrical -6 dBm
Postcursor -6.5 dBm
LOS Assert LosA -30 dBm
LOS De-assert LosD -11 dBm
Overload PMAX -+1.5 dBm 4
Receiver Reflectance -12 dB
LOS Hysteresis 0.5 dB


1. Average power figures are informative only, per IEEE802.3aq

2. Maximum RMS spectral width as specified by Figure 3

3. Optical Eye Mask requires the host board to be SFF-8431 compliant. Optical eye mask per IEEE802.3aq.

4. TWDP figure requires the host board to be SFF-8431compliant. TWDP is calculated using the Matlab code provided in clause of IEEE802.3aq

5. Receiver overload specified in OMA and under the worst comprehensive stressed condition.

6. Conditions of stressed receiver tests per IEEE802.3aq. CSRS testing requires the host board to be SFF-8431 compliant.

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